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The Library At Fongoolia

A Book Club

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Welcome to the Library at Fongoolia! When you join this book club and are accepted by the mods, you will be expected to submit a list of books for consideration, preferably with links to reviews. That list can be as long or as short as you choose. Once a month one of the mods pick a selection of books at random from the lists, making sure they match our criteria (listed below) and create a poll so that the comm members can vote on which book they'd like to read. We will post the book on Friday, giving the members the weekend to procure the book. The mods will break the book down into sections per week, which will post the next Monday, so that our more careful readers know not to read posts that may contain spoilers. Anyone who wishes to participate that month reads the book, and we have great and powerful discussions, as well as an ironclad excuse to buy and read books.

Our criteria are as follows: the book must be something you think most people can read through in a month's time. We realize this is vague, but since the mods happen to be *very* fast readers, we leave it up to the comm at large to help us police this particular criterion.

Nothing from the section marked "Romance", no bodice-rippers or cheap smut will be considered. (High-class smut is a completely different matter.)

If the majority of the list has already read it, we're not going to post it as a selection. That would just be silly.